Alliance: Heroes of the Spire / Concept art and matte paintings

I want to show you my part of work for the cinematic trailer, which is made with a collaboration of Plarium Video Production Dept. On this project (for the first time) I was able to apply my skills simultaneously in the wide range of specialties, including storyboarding, concept art, matte painting and render overpainting for lookdev purposes.

Shout-out to Sergey Grechanyuk for his basic concept art
and big thanks to all the team, which I have a pleasure to work with! Guys, you're awesome!

Andrey vasilyev overpaint template sh010

Here and below are few of the keyframes, which are made as render overpaints, and became a base for lookdev and matte paintings

Andrey vasilyev overpaint template sh070
Andrey vasilyev overpaint template sh100
Andrey vasilyev overpaint template sh110
Andrey vasilyev overpaint template shots

little bit more. All of the skies and mountains was finished later as a matte paintings

for the first time I've used 360 for real project and it was useful :D

Andrey vasilyev concept book template

the book! this one and the rocket are originally designed for the project

Andrey vasilyev concept book template details

steps of the book designing

Andrey vasilyev concept rocket template

concept art of the rocket (in collaboration with 3d dept)